Startup Series: Intro

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Whether on a plane, at a concert, or at a party, once people learn that our practice is focused on early stage ventures and their investors, one of about ten questions is sure to follow.  The most common is “why did you leave big firm practice to do that?” (answer: because we enjoy working with paradigm-changing ideas and creative risk takers—with them, our professional lives are never boring!).

But the next most common questions all have to do with the mechanics of early stage formation, relationships between founders, protecting key intellectual property on a budget, and seeking and structuring early capital investment.  It occurs to us that many folks out there have the same kinds of questions, and to that end, we’re putting together this Startup Series of articles focused on the legal nuts and bolts of launching a successful venture.  We hope the articles will be super informative, easy to understand, and applicable to a wide range of industries.  Enjoy—and please don’t hesitate to pass along your comments and requests below or to inquiries@ybarrapllc.com.

As always, take any information on this site (and any firm’s website) as a jumping-off point for your research only, and seek advice tailored to your particular circumstances before taking any action that might affect your rights and best interests.  And, of course, we wouldn’t be good lawyers if we didn’t have our full range of disclaimers that apply to your use of this blog and the site generally.