Chateau Spill

Clean Start

developed for Château Spill

Harry Smail and Adam Ross have plenty of experience in innovation consultancy and investment banking, but their passion is starting new businesses. With Soludos, with Nick Brown as the founder, they helped create a lifestyle brand that continues to delight the media, customers and consumers.  Turning their efforts to create the world’s most powerful weapon against wine stains, they needed lawyers who could quickly and expertly lay the foundations for their new venture: Château Spill. We were happy to oblige, helping them cement key licensing and supply relationships, and structuring the company’s governance around its initial founders and investors.  Within a few months of its debut, Château Spill was quickly recognized as the market leader “by a wide margin”—so we expect great things from this team in the years to come, and look forward to joining them on the journey.

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