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developed for SOVA Hospitality

After spending time trekking across Europe, brothers Blake and Brandon Shirk identified a huge gap in the U.S. hospitality market—and saw it as an opportunity.  Through SOVA Hospitality, the Shirks came back to Texas bringing the best from abroad to allow travelers to save money while away from home.  Pairing cleverly-designed, super-comfortable micro-rooms with activities in expansive and inviting bar/community spaces, SOVA provides a community of intrepid explorers with a comfortable bed to come back to after a day of exploration.  The Ybarra PLLC team has been with them from the outset, guiding them through early-stage and Series A funding, hotel management arrangements, brand and IP matters, as well as a whole host of strategic and risk-management support.  We’re confident that SOVA is creating a whole new sector—a whole new experience—in the hospitality industry.  And we look forward to sharing a cold one with the Shirk brothers in their hotels for years to come.

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