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Boundless Energy

developed for Longevity Partners

Since its founding in London in 2015, Longevity Partners has rapidly grown to become one of the world’s premier energy and sustainability consultancies. From their offices in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin—and, now, Austin—Longevity helps large real estate portfolio owners save money—and the planet—by devising and implementing sophisticated energy and infrastructure protocols. To help them manage and capitalize on this growth, founder Etienne Cadestin engaged Ybarra PLLC to fully establish the U.S./North American arm of their operations, assisting with everything from entity selection and formation, governance, investor relations, employment, and more. In addition, our team was instrumental in facilitating the transition by making and managing relationships in the areas of immigration, banking, tax and accounting. Longevity’s future in the U.S. and beyond is blindingly bright, and we’re honored to play a key role in what’s to come.

  • Client - Longevity Partners
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