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Tricks + Kicks

developed for Human Recreational Services

Erik Ellington became a pro skateboarder in 1999. Since then he’s co-founded multiple successful brands, including Baker skateboards, Supra footwear, and Bakerboys Distribution, which itself distributes some of the most popular skateboard brands, including Deathwish, Baker, Shake Junt, Birdhouse, Heroin, and Psockedelic. He’s also collaborated with a number of popular footwear designers, so we were pretty psyched when he came to Ybarra PLLC for help with setting up his latest high-end footwear brand, Human Recreational Services. We’ve helped Erik and HRS iron out crucial formation documents, trademark agreements, and founder matters. We can’t wait to see where Erik takes this dynamic and unique brand from here—and look forward to being an integral part of whatever comes next!

  • Client - Human Recreational Services
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